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Chance’s Concealed Carry is a company founded with these Core Values:

  • You have the right to defend yourself, family, and community around you.
  • Proper instruction is key to personal protection and defense.
  • We focus on having a calm and safe experience while maintaining high standards of education.

“Be a Victor, Not a Victim”

New to firearms, looking to get your License To Carry, maybe you need to Learn the Laws for “Permitless Carry” or perhaps you would like to take an Advanced Carry Class. We offer a wide variety of courses! Our in person classes are stress free so you can relax and learn in a fun environment. Click on the Classes Tab Above to view course information and register to attend.

Chances Concealed Carry is a stress free environment. We focus on everyone being able to relax and learn without fear of judgement or ridicule. After all, New Shooters is something we specialize in. Our professional classroom and range are both private, so the only people that you will be around are students just like you.

CCC is a statewide provider for the ONLINE Texas License To Carry Class. People from anywhere in the state of Texas can take our Online LTC License To Carry Class.

Speaking of ONLINE Classes! We also have an ONLINE Permitless Carry Course. We set this course up to be informational for those who just want to know the Laws and Regulations, but also for those who decide not to get the Texas License To Carry. If you wish to Carry without a Permit, please take this course. It is less expensive then the lawyer you are going to need if you break the law.

Why Having A Texas License To Carry is a Benefit To You

  • The Legal Protection a LTC Provides
  • Trespass Protection
  • Protection If Carrying Past No Gun Signs
  • Police Instantly Know You Are Legally Carrying
  • Bypass Background Check When Purchasing a Firearm
  • Peace of Mind When Carrying
  • Fewer Restrictions
  • School Zone Carry
  • Carry In 37 States
  • Campus Carry
  • Learn The Carry Laws

As mentioned above, Trespass Protection alone is worth getting your License To Carry (LTC). You don’t have it when carrying without a License. Realize that you are always better off carrying With a license in Texas plus having the Texas License To Carry allows you to carry in 37 states!!!

It’s so easy and cheap to get that everyone who wants to carry should have one. Get your Texas LTC and not have to worry about restrictions and trespass laws. “Chris Reitsma”

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Yes, we do offer private classes for individuals and groups! Contact us to schedule training.

Never Hesitate to email us with any questions or 505-274-3167

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