Gun 101

Our Gun 101 course is 4 Hours of Exciting Hands on Learning

Classroom Time

Class will start with the USCCA safety rules and an overview of the course objectives. Students will learn about different types of Firearms (Semi Auto Handguns, Revolvers, AR-15, Lever Action, Shotguns and More). With an emphasis on handguns. The Gun 101 class will instruct you on the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of each type of Handgun as well as potential drawbacks associated with them. Class attendees will be allowed to have a hands on experience with multiple guns, in order to become comfortable with design, handling and size of each. We will discuss ammunition type, size, grain and point. Along with the difference between how one bullet is going to behave vs another, and myths that come from Hollywood.

Handgun Shooting

Students will learn how to load and unload each firearm safely. We will cover Proper gun grip, stance and how to use sights to acquire your target.  When the student is comfortable we will begin the target shooting portion. Yes, this is the fun part of the Gun 101 class. Each of you will feel excited and nervous at the same time, so don’t worry about being the only one.

Cost vs Cost

You don’t have to bring a gun. No need to purchase or find ammunition. Gun rental, not with this class! In fact you don’t need to pay for anything other than the class. Price is only $100* with everything included. Students will be able to shoot different guns, while learning technique and fundamentals. Take this course, before you go gun shopping. Be equipped with hands on knowledge and confidence to make an educated decision on a gun that will fulfill your personal needs. Those that are planning on getting their LTC will benefit as well. Learn to hit the target every time so that you pass the class. Plus you save yourself the embarrassment of possibly failing the shooting portion.

*Price for students that bring their own Firearm and Ammunition is $55

What to Bring

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